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Zoning Corner

Posted March 14, 2024


Chickens are a popular way to provide various benefits for a property owner.  While chickens can be beneficial in a number of ways, there are some rules to follow to prevent them from becoming nuisances to your neighbors.

Chickens are covered under Section 315 – Noncommercial Keeping of Livestock, in the West Pennsboro Township Zoning Ordinance.  Below is a quick summary of requirements for keeping chickens on your property (see Section 315 in the Zoning Ordinance for more detail):

  • Chickens kept at home are only permitted in certain zoning districts of the Township.
  • Chickens fall under Group 1 animals, and you are permitted up to 50 chickens, depending on animal density.  The permitted animal density is 12 animals per acre, so if you have 1 acre of land, you can have 12 chickens.
  • Any structure housing up to 25 chickens can be no closer than 25’ to a property line.  Structures housing more than 25 chickens can be no closer than 50’ to a property line.  These structures cannot be located in a front yard.
  • All outdoor pasture areas used for the animals shall be enclosed with fencing to prevent the escape of the animals.
  • The animals, their housing, and their outdoor pasture area shall be maintained so as not to become a nuisance to adjoining properties, and all animal wastes shall be properly stored and disposed of.