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Zoning Hearing Board

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Zoning Hearing Board

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The Zoning Hearing Board is responsible for interpreting and enforcing zoning regulations in West Pennsboro Township. The board is comprised of appointed members who serve a 3-year term.

Zoning Hearing Board meetings are scheduled as needed and provide an opportunity for members to review zoning appeals and variance requests. The board works to balance the interests of property owners with the need to maintain the character and integrity of the community.

The Zoning Hearing Board is committed to ensuring that zoning regulations are applied fairly and consistently throughout the township. This includes conducting hearings, issuing rulings, and making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on zoning issues.

David R. Hockenberry, II, Member

Term Class Expires: 12/2024

Toby L. Fauver, Chairman

Term Class Expires: 12/2026

Carl Creek, Member

Term Class Expires: 12/2024

Christopher E. Fisher, Esquire, Solicitor

Saidis, Shultz & Fisher
717-590-8529 x 101

Toby Monismith - Alternate, Alternate Member