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Agricultural Security Commission

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The Agricultural Security Commission (ASC) is a vital component of the township’s efforts to support and promote agriculture. The commission serves as a liaison between farmers and local government, helping to protect farmland and promote agricultural activities in the community.

The West Pennsboro Township’s Agricultural Security Commission is made up of community members and farmers who are dedicated to preserving the rich agricultural heritage of the area. The commission works to promote the economic viability of farming by encouraging the use of best management practices and supporting the development of local markets for farm products.

Through the Agricultural Security program, the commission helps to protect farmland from non-agricultural development, ensuring that the land remains available for farming. The program also provides tax benefits to participating farmers, helping to make farming a more financially viable option.

Donald Agar, Chairman (Supervisor)

Harvey E. Hoover, Jr., Member

Marjorie Jones, Member

Toby Monismith, Member

Stephanie J. Williams, Greenway and Open Space Coordinator

Cumberland County Agricultural Land Preservation Contact