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Sewage Pumping Program

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The West Pennsboro Township is committed to maintaining the health and safety of our community by ensuring proper waste disposal through our Sewage Pumping Program. In accordance with Ordinance #2007-02, all residents with on-lot disposal systems are required to pump their systems every five years using a registered hauler.

Pumping Notifications

To help residents stay on top of this requirement, the Township will mail pumping notifications each year as a reminder. It is important to schedule the pumping service promptly upon receiving the notification to remain in compliance with the ordinance.

The following roads are due to be pumped in 2024, the Septic Hauler list is located above.

  • A Street
  • Alters Road
  • Back Street
  • Barnstable Road
  • Bears Road
  • Bears School Lane
  • Bridge Road
  • Burgners Road
  • Burgners Mill Road
  • Cedar Court East
  • Cedar Court West
  • Clay Road
  • Country Road
  • Creek Road
  • Crossroad School Road
  • Elton Drive
  • Erin Place

Proof of Pumping

If you have had your septic system pumped within the past five years and received a postcard, please provide proof of pumping to the Township. This can be in the form of a receipt or a service invoice from a registered hauler. Providing this documentation will ensure our records are accurate and up-to-date.

Registered Haulers

To maintain the quality and safety of our sewage systems, only registered haulers are permitted to perform pumping services. A list of approved haulers can be obtained from the Township office or on our website. Using a registered hauler guarantees that the service is performed by a professional who follows proper procedures and meets the necessary requirements.

Failing to comply with the Sewage Pumping Program may result in fines and penalties. By working together, we can keep our community clean, healthy, and environmentally sustainable. If you have any questions or concerns about the Sewage Pumping Program or need assistance finding a registered hauler, please contact the West Pennsboro Township office.