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Welcome to West Pennsboro

Discover the charm of West Pennsboro Township. Take a walk in our park or read the lastest meeting minutes.

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With a rich history dating back to 1735

West Pennsboro Township invites you to discover its charming villages, historic barns, and beautiful stone farmhouses. Originally part of Pennsborough, one of the two original townships in the North Valley region, West Pennsboro underwent several boundary changes over the years. By 1785, it had lost land for the formation of Newton, Dickinson, Penn, and Frankford Townships, ultimately settling into its current boundaries.

As the third largest township geographically in Cumberland County, West Pennsboro is now home to approximately 5,595 residents. It is bordered by the Conodoguinet Creek to the north and Route 11 to the south, offering a unique blend of quaint rural charm and historic structures. Among these are the well-known Laughlin Mill and the fully-equipped Heishman Mill, both of which continue to stand as testaments to the Township’s past.

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