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2024 Meeting Agenda Minutes
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The Township Auditors are responsible for reviewing the financial records of West Pennsboro Township to ensure that they are accurate and compliant with legal requirements. The auditors are elected officials who serve a 6-year term.

Auditor meetings are scheduled as needed and provide an opportunity for members to review financial reports, audit findings, and recommendations for improving financial management practices.

The auditors work closely with other township officials, such as the Board of Supervisors and Township Manager, to ensure that financial resources are being managed in a responsible and transparent manner.

Hamilton & Musser , P.C., Township Auditors


Galen Motter

Term Class Expires: 12/2023

John L. Lehman, Chairman

Term Class Expires: 12/2026

Deborah W. Piper, Vice Chairman

Term Class Expires: 12/2027