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Trash Program

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West Pennsboro Township has joined forces with Southampton Township to bring you efficient and hassle-free trash, curbside recycling, and bulk pickup services. Please note that this program does not cover commercial garbage collection. To sign up, simply download the trash registration form below and return it to West Pennsboro Township.

Our comprehensive agreement ensures reliable garbage and curbside recycling collection for all residential customers in West Pennsboro Township. Recycling will be conveniently collected on the same day as your trash pickup. Each customer will receive an 18-gallon recycling container free of charge, with the option to request a second container if needed. Our single-stream recycling approach allows you to place all recyclables into one container.

Both Full Service and Senior Service customers can enjoy one bulk item pickup per week. For bulk item collection, please contact West Pennsboro Township at 717-243-8220 or Southampton Township Trash Office at 717-532-7685 before your weekly collection day.

Billing & Payment Information

Trash billing will occur quarterly, with postcard bills sent exclusively to property owners – tenants will not be billed. You can pay your bills by mail, online, or by dropping them off at the Southampton Township Office. Send payments to:

Southampton Township Trash Collection Office 200 Airport Road Shippensburg, PA 17257

Email: Phone: (717)-532-7685 – Trash Office

To receive any available credits, customers must inform our office before suspending their service.

Please note that as per Resolution #2015-10, a $50.00 fee will apply to reinstate service for a trash account that was terminated due to non-payment.

Schedules & Holidays

For pickup and holiday schedules, click here to view our trash routes.

No trash pickup will occur on the following holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day

If your scheduled trash pickup falls on one of these holidays, it will be postponed to the following day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is considered trash/garbage?
    Trash/garbage includes all matter and materials such as garbage, rubbish, trash, and other refuse materials. It does not include human body waste, medical waste, hazardous waste, construction materials, dirt, rock, concrete, lead pipe, limbs, tree trunks, or vegetation (including grass clippings).
  2. What items are not picked up?
    We do not pick up construction materials, oil, paint, tires, dirt, grass clippings, leaves, hazardous waste, car batteries, gasoline, steel pipes, rock, shrubs, or medical waste.
  3. Where should I place my container?
    Place all trash in garbage bags, secure them to prevent spillage, and keep the containers clean. The maximum cart weight when full is 150 lbs, and lids should be able to close. Place your tote at the end of your driveway at least 5 feet away from all obstructions (cars, poles, recyclables, additional containers, etc.). The handle of your container should point toward your house (arrows on the top of the container should point towards the street). Drivers will not move improperly placed containers.
  4. What types of trash service are available?
  • Full Service: 90-gallon Trash Toter and 64-gallon Recycling Toter ($55.75/quarter)
  • Senior Citizen Service: 96-gallon Trash Toter and 64-gallon Recycling Toter ($49.75/quarter)
  • Recycling Only Service: 64-gallon Toter ($43.50/quarter)
  • Bag Service: 33-gallon Trash Bags ($5.00/per bag)
  1. What about bulk items pickup?
    The contract provides one bulk item pickup per week for Full Service & Senior Citizen service. Contact Southampton Township at 532-7685 or West Pennsboro Township at 717-243-8220 to arrange your bulk item pickup.
  2. How do I handle cart damage/replacement/missed pick-ups?
    For replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen totes, or missed pick-ups, contact Southampton Township Office (717) 532-7685.
  3. What is included in recycling?
    Recyclables include newspapers/inserts, magazines, catalogs, junk mail/envelopes, office paper, corrugated cardboard (flatten boxes), cereal/soda/tissue boxes, paperboard packaging, paper towel/toilet paper cores, telephone books, aluminum cans, metal food cans, and plastic bottles/containers labeled numbers 1-7. Excluded items are plastic bags and Styrofoam.
  4. What is not included in recycling?
    Items such as rubber hoses, tubing, trash, plastic bags, ceramics, dishes, coffee mugs, drinking glasses, glass cookware, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, packaging peanuts, take-out containers, plastic cups, plastic tableware, food-soiled materials, tissues, paper towels, egg cartons, books, paper cartons for milk/juice, Tyvek envelopes, carbon paper, wax-coated boxes/paper, coat hangers, household appliances, medical waste (sharps and needles), and tanglers (wires, holiday light strings, hoses, cords, etc.) are not accepted for recycling.
  5. How should I prepare my recyclables?
    Mix all recyclables together without sorting. Flatten cardboard, crush plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and steel cans. Do not tie or bind any recyclables. Remove recyclables from plastic bags before depositing them in containers. Rinse recyclable containers (plastic, steel, aluminum) clean, remove all lids (metal and plastic), and recycle lids separately. Ensure the recyclable paper is dry and clean. If it becomes wet due to inclement weather, your recyclables will still be picked up.
  6. Are there any additional recycling guidelines?
    • Do not place or leave recyclables outside of the containers.
    • Do not leave behind trash or litter.
    • Do not attempt to recycle items that are not accepted.
    • We do not accept electronic items of any kind. For electronic recycling, contact Electronic Recycling Center at 717-240-6489.
  7. Can I purchase trash bags from West Pennsboro Township?
    Yes, you can purchase 33-gallon trash bags from West Pennsboro Township. This option is suitable for customers who do not generate enough trash for weekly collection. These blue bags are identifiable by the trash truck driver. A minimum of 12 bags at $5.00/bag must be purchased per year.
  8. What if I don’t need any trash service?
    You can choose the EXEMPT option, which means you will not receive any service of any kind.