Sewage Pumping Program

As per Ordinance #2007-02, residents with on-lot disposal systems are required to pump their systems every 5 years by a registered hauler. Pumping notifications will be mailed to residents each year. If you had your septic pumped in the past 5 years and you received a postcard, please provide proof of pumping to the Township to ensure our records are current.



The following roads are due to be pumped in 2020

  • Alters Road
  • B & C Lane
  • Back Street
  • Barnstable Road
  • Bears Road
  • Bears School Lane
  • Big Spring Road
  • Bloserville Road
  • Briar Oak Lane
  • Bridge Road
  • Browning Lane
  • Burgners Road
  • Burgners Mill Road
  • Carlisle Road
  • Cedar Court- East
  • Cedar Court-West
  • Cedar Lane
  • Centerville Road
  • Clay Road
  • Country Road
  • Creek Road
  • Crossroad School Road
  • Elton Drive
  • Erin Place