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West Pennsboro Township is the third largest township geographically in Cumberland County, presently containing about 5,595 residents.

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Recorded history of the area, now occupied by West Pennsboro, dates back to 1735. At that time the Township was part of Pennsborough, which was one of the two original Townships of what was called the “North Valley”. The larger Township underwent several boundary changes over the next fifty (50) years. By 1785, West Pennsboro lost land for the formation of Newton, Dickinson, Penn and Frankford Townships and was reduced to its current boundaries.

West Pennsboro Township borders the Conodoguinet Creek on the north side and Route 11 on the south and is well known for its quaint villages and historical stone farmhouses and barns. Some of these structures still exist in the Township today, including the well-known Laughlin Mill and the still fully equipped Heishman Mill.


All but one of the Big Spring School District’s buildings and facilities are situated in the Township. The Township maintains approximately 61 miles of road that runs through 30.4 square miles of area. It remains largely agricultural although residential housing development is accelerating. Over 7,800 acres of farmland is in Agricultural Security areas and many farms will be preserved through the farmers’ sale of development rights.